Barker's Best Snowkite Race! March 10 2014

Last Saturday (March 8th), Gull Lake was the location of what was to be the 1st snow kite race in Alberta.  Turnout was fantastic - but wind made no appearance.  This being said, kiteboarders tend to be a resourceful (and patient) kind so with time on our hands and some ingenuity, we found a genius quad assisted way to entertain ourselves.  Special thanks go to Richard Windbasher and his quad driving skills!

Needless to say, the race has been postponed to this coming weekend (March 15/16) so keep your fingers and toes crossed and do a little wind dance if you can.  Yes, it may end up being a Slush Cup and updates will be forthcoming, but in the meantime, check out our photos from last Saturday on our Facebook page HERE.

'Til next time fellow wind fanatics!  May the (gale) force be with you.  :)