Inflatable Kites


The art of making kites is centuries old.  Cabrinha puts its own high tech spin on this craft by incorporating the most cutting edge technologies and materials available today.  Despite the fact that these kites are built with exact tolerances and precision, each and every kite is still built by hand by the most experienced kite craftsmen and women in the world.  The craft of making kites that fly perfectly is one half science and one half art.  Starting with the conceptual design and ending with the final quality control sign-off, each step of the build is a hand touched, hand crafted kite.  

Over the years, Cabrinha has assembled a team of the world's best craftsmen and this has allowed to innovate, refine and deliver the world's best products.  The constant interplay between hand and machine is the method that provides the highest consistency and quality on the market.  Each and every product coming out of the factories is a collaborative result of many talented individuals.  Each a master of their craft.


Nobile is a manufacturer of highly-regarded and worldwide critically acclaimed skis, snowboards, kiteboards, and now kites! Since 1994, Nobile, based on its own patents as well as using the latest materials and technologies, has been creating top products of the highest quality.  In order to meet maximum comfort and safety, Nobile products are designed and made with optimal human capabilitites and limitations in mind.  Join the thousands of winter and summer sports fans zlready riding on Nobile products the world over!


The flagship product of Wainman Hawaii, Rabbit Gang kites are characterized with a low-aspect three-strut open canopy shape, providing amazing power delivery, re-launch, de-power abilities and range. The compact bridles are easily tunable to suit all riders, riding styles/disciplines and experience.

As is the standard with all Wainman Hawaii products, the kites are manufactured with the highest quality materials and attention to detail.

The entire Rabbit Gang 3.0 range is renowned for its incredible stability, fast and direct handling, adjustable bar pressure, great jumping performance and responsive handling.

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