Lesson Plan - Snowkiting

Total Instruction Time:

Approximately 3 hours.  More or less time may be spent according to the instructor's advice and the abilities of the student, however, lesson length is ultimately controlled by the student.

Level 1A

  • Carry and set-up lines and kite
  • Determine the wind direction and upwind and downwind (windward, leeward)
  • Fly a trainer kite on the wind window edge and maintain it close to the ground
  • Know how to kill the power of the kite in case of problem by releasing the bar. Be aware that the kite leash must be worn at all times, before kite launching and until landing

Level 1B

  • Be aware of the area where the kite can fall downwind of the pilot
  • Recover the kite
  • Position the kite on request from 9 to 3 o’clock on the wind window edge
  • Launch a kite and choose the right angle to the wind (assisted)
  • Fly the kite in the power area without crashing it
  • Twist and untwist the lines while the kite flies
  • Recover a kite and secure it on land
  • Land a kite with the help of an assistant

Level 1C

  • Fly a kite hooked to the harness
  • Fly hooked to the harness with one hand
  • Activate the harness release system or quick release located on a leader line

Level 1D

  • Launch a kite alone
  • Relaunch a kite

Level 1E

  • Create a constant power using the power zone or half the power zone
  • Identify potential wind obstacles creating lift or down draft and be able to define the wind direction. Understand that practicing near obstacles is dangerous

Level 2F

  • Define if the practice area is safe for practice
  • Set up and check the equipment alone (kite, line, control bar)

Level 2G

  • Fly a kite in sitting position. Be able to keep your legs in front of you
  • Falling simulation and getting in starting position again
  • Relaunch a kite with board or skis
  • Without board, discover the power needed to be pulled on your feet from a sitting position

Level 2H

  • Know the start theory: board/skis and body positioning, kite piloting
  • Start from a sitting position and ride while moving the kite up and down
  • Gain speed from a standing position

Level 2I

  • Set up a 4/5 line kite alone and check that it is properly done
  • Fly a 4/5 line kite
  • Activate the safety systems of a 4/5 line bar (power loop, leash)
  • Adjust a 4/5 line kite while using the power loop
  • Adjust the trim system of a 4/5 line kite to avoid it flying backward or adjust the power

Level 3J

  • Know the right of way rules
  • Ride in both directions (downwind)
  • Edge on the heel and toe side to change the course
  • Accelerate by edging down and moving the kite
  • Stop by edging

Level 3K

  • Be able to keep an edge

Level 3L

  • Ride away and come back at starting point. Ride upwind
  • Constantly ride upwind

Level 3M

  • Switch of direction by making 180 turn downwind

Level 3N

  • Know the theoretical approach to jump. Practice first jumps
  • Know how to perform a complete safety check of your practice area